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Mother to 2 sweet girls who were born in China. and a very happy little baby boy from Vietnam. Wife to a loving husband Chris. Also mom to dogs, cats, and birds. I am a very tired pediatric ER nurse.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boy in the dog bed, dogs in the....!

So cute. Who can resist a sleeping 2 year old in a dog bed, but what is even cuter is,

2 spoiled rotten, totally loved, weimaraners sleeping peacefully on the couch!

This little guy is pretty close to perfect, as per his mommy!

Every morning, Deigo or cars yogurt and a "big apple with skin on"! Oh how he melts me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Disco Christmas

This about sums it up for us. We have another dog and life is a disco dance!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Circ!

Well I have been trying to put this one off since we came home, but after a summer of balanitis, and complaints that his "pee pee" hurts, we took the plunge. Personal choice, not advocating anything except what is right for anyone! Today was that day the foreskin came off. Of course when I told my 80 year old mother she asked if I knew a rabbi! I said, Dylan is 2 1/2 and we are not Jewish. She replied "Well don't you have one at your hospital that takes care of this sort of thing, you know they are the specialists?" Not knowing quite what to say, and trying not to laugh, I just said "No we do not have a rabbi on staff at St Clare's"

So anyway, this is Dylan after 30 minutes of general anesthesia, morphine 1 mg, and tylenol with codiene 5 ml:

He is painting his face with ice cream

This is daddy:

2 hours later running about no pain, no hint of being tired even after getting ripped out of bed at 5am, this Dylan:

This is daddy:

Shadows gettng still, on his 20th meal of the day post op, flying around the house....Dylan;


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trains and naps

Let me tell you something! All day long my little human pup wants to play with his trains. One or 2 hours is ok, but a dog can only take so much. The trains are eating, getting tucked in, going to "the barn" to see the "animals! Up and down and all around the room. Mommy just sits an the floor and plays trains all day. I think she may really like it or something. What about me? The dog? I can only take so much trains. I live in the moment, and these moments are pretty darn filled up with train nonsense! What about lunch, cookies, meat and lunch? A dog can only take so much....

Now this is more like it naps are almost as good as lunch, but then again I live in the moment....


Thanks! Where was I? mmm...sleeping....

Monday, October 12, 2009

6 months later...

The same old cast of characters only 1/2 a year older (except me)

Chris and Dylan in Maine

Group hug

Don't you wish an apple could make you this happy?

I kissed a dog and I liked it!

The speed machines in motion!

Claire on her 11th birthday

....6 months have passed since I have had the time and energy to write about my world. The lack of energy was mainly due to Dylan being up all night crying, screaming and fussing till the cows came home. Hard to deal with, especially with other kids, a life, working full time and trying to be nice. Oh I am not complaining but in the past I used to enjoy blogging at night, but the lack of sleep caught up with me, (plus my husband hogs the lap top to look at cars when I put HG TV on!)

So here we are 6 months older, Dylan is so cute during the day! Squeaks and giggles, hugs, skipping, dancing, running, and eating! He loves animals and trains with all his heart. I have honestly never ever see someone more captivated by a good meal or snack. He is sweet and adorable as evidenced by the way he can still melt me, even after he has kept me up all night!

Things are the same comfortable pace. I am married to my best friend (No not the dog silly!) Emily is in 8th grade, Claire is 11. Bailey and I still run every day, in fact we had our 1st dog and human race this weekend. It was awesome! So much fun. The kids loved it too. 150 dogs with 150 humans, running the miles away.

So, hello again my friends out there. I have missed everyone and am going to catch up tonight on all the blogs I have been a missin!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Mr Dylan has been very interested in pee pee on the potty. Requesting to go many times during the day, no luck but close. So yesterday while recovering from major surgery I did what any mother would do, went to target to buy a potty, a potty insert, pull ups, a step stool, and every kind of big boy underwear I could find. 85 dollars later we are home. It is 70 degrees and sunny outside. So I stripped Dylan down to his shirt and shoes (this worked like a charm for the girls you see. They did not like pee pee dribbling down their legs and caught on quick).

So there is Dylan running free in the back yard as if having no pants or diaper was the key to eternal bliss. Running WILD! Swinging from the bars going down the slide, skipping, chirping, you get the picture. Peed all over the patio, and completely unphased by what came out of his body. Okay, so now I have a time frame. I think we can offer the potty every 30 minutes. So we move inside, because my husband finds a bloodly mess of a tick on my neck. My husband pulls the disgusting thing off my neck, and we look for naked Dylan. At this point I put Thomas the Tank underwear on him, knowing that once he feels the wet underwear he will make the connection. 5 minutes later he returns with loaded underwear. A double header.

Sometime after diner we are putting away the toys and discover what Dylan thinks of potty training. All four corner of the living room were soaked, and we found a turd we thought came out of our 75 pound dog on the floor by the train table. It was not the dog. Way to go Dylan! Maybe it was the drugs I've been taking for pain that made potty training seem like such a great idea, but I am sticking to diapers for a little while longer.

Dylan leading the war on underwear!

Underwear does have its proper place